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Some other places to have fun.  Be sure to go see zee forumz.

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Mayhaps you will even drop a funneh pic or two off.

          This is the house that Cosseh built.  In other words it is a website/forum that is dedicated to

          RTCW and fun.

           Hey everyone is doing it, so I had to do it.

          Go to the wonderfowl world of [DP] - Dead Presidents Onlne Gaming Guild...sheep beware!

I love to read.   Here is a list of some of the books I have now.


          I love music and collect it.  Here is a list of what I have on my computer/jukebox. 

          Sorry it is rough to look at because it is so large it is hard to edit.  Use back button to return

Links to Other Nutz I know

          Psykotik Punk Posting Pandemic - Punk Rock Enlightenment For Your Digital Mind - since 1997




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