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Start it off on a good leg



Some of my [DP] friends ...

The way it should be

...and more

At Sandy and Mike's in Va.

The most gracious host [DP]Davis

The Gracious host [DP]Davis

A kid in a candy shop


Monroe looking like a kid in a candy shop


A good friend of teh Capp3H


[DP]Shorty rescuing the Über [DP]Zarf

Shorty to the rescue

Two cool guys looking cool. [DP]Blue Monkey & [DP]Cleveland

They say he is Blue but I don't believe it. Naughty Monkey

Look what I found....can I keep it?

[DP] Sparhawk, Smeeeeeeeep!!, SnipeTX, and Gambit

More [DP] Folk

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