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If it's Poiple we print it

That's right folks - I lurv Poiple.  'Tis my flavourite colour

Kickin it with a Poiple Cow

How now Poiple cow ?

Nice start in teh Poiple Sextion

Feast your eyes on teh Poiple Peppers from Pomona

Beautiful Poiple Peppers

Aha it is like Where's Waldo of teh Poiple variety!

I wonder wot it says

Sing it everyone, "Poiple shrooms Poiple shrooms"

Dooooood those shrooms are Poiple

Play teh Poiple Shrooms song on this

I couldn't resist posting such a Poiple instrument

Looks like my kind of game

See Illusion Software loves Poiple too

The Music industry lurvs Poiple

Must Have

Deeply Poiple

These guys used to rock because they loved Poiple

He is wearin Poiple so he must be good

More Poiple Loving Music doods

My dream house

I bet the Paint wuz esspensive

That is where teh house is built

I been there, and I lurv it too

It's the Poiple fairy of the West

Nice poiple bubbles

Got to read it cuz of teh title

Read it cuz we love it

Bridge over Poiple waters

A bridge from teh town the Poiple dream house is in

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