March 2007 - I went on an excursion to England with my friend Ethan.  When we got there we were hosted by Ian, Andrew and their families.  We ventured all over England, Scotland, and Ireland.  Click the pictures below to see more.


Day 1 - We flew into Liverpool and went into town.  We contemplated the fork in the road, took a few pictures and then drank and ate.  The picture/link at the right was taken in the Fiddler's Ferry Pub. 

Andrew and crew at the Fiddler's Ferry on the bank of the Mersey, Liverpool


Day 2 - We hopped into Ian and Andrew's cars and drove up North to the lakes region.  The roads were great fun for Ian's mini and Andrew's Fiat...well not so much for the Fiat.   We then stopped at the Newfield in and had a sip and sup.  No lamb.

One section of teh Hard Knot Pass - steep and curvy.


Days 3 + 4 - We drove up to Scotland and stayed at a B&B, ate some corn pizza, and had the first wonderful breakfast of the trip.  The next day we gathered our stuff and drove on to Oban where we went on a tour and discovered fish & chips.

The B&B we stayed at.